Custom Application Development

Custom software development is defined as the development of software that conforms to the requirements set forth by an interested party depending upon his or her business needs. This differs from “Commercial, software solutions.Those actually change the entire business process to adhere to the capabilities of the software. Software development for business is precisely developed to fit one’s future or existing business environment.It often happens that even the most experienced software development company does not meet business and individual customer needs. End users feel disappointed at the quality of Custom Software Development services provided. As a result, in the atmosphere of poor software development for businesses, many of these businesses suffer the lack of competitiveness and efficiency in the long run. Reasons why Custom Software Development companies fail to deliver the desired project are numerous. Also, the nature of each and every software development project differs greatly among customers. No matter whether customers seek simple integration with the existing hardware and software base or a more sophisticated software solution from scratch, companies must possess sufficient agile software development capabilities and know everything about software development.

Custom Application Development

Software Development Consulting

Rushabh Brainstormers offers specialist consulting, mentoring, and guidance for your software development teams. We have vast technical knowledge and experience that we have acquired through development of hi-tech software, applications, innovative products etc. We provide expertise in use case modeling, object architectures, J2EE, .NET, and processes. We can also provide you with expert software guidance so that you don’t meet any hurdle or crisis as development is progressing.Our professionals are always there to guide and support your software development process. Whether you are facing any issues, bugs, or problems with your already developed software/application or in the middle of development process, our veteran programmers and software professionals can do the brainstorming for you to solve and fix the problem. From our experience, we can confidently say that this is a wise exercise to ensure that you have taken the correct path. Sometimes even a small issue can lead to a complicated situation especially when you are under strict time constraints..


Web services include support for the Rushabh Brainstormers web server (WWW) and related sites. Rushabh Brainstormers IT will provide you with information on how to create and maintain your own site or consult on your site development.we can confidently say that this is a wise exercise to ensure that you have taken the correct path. Sometimes even a small issue can lead to a complicated situation especially when you are under strict time constraints..

API development

Web Development

Rushabh Brainstormers is a web development and digital agency that helps clients use the Internet to achieve business goals. With APIs, we can build rich, customer-centric web applications to improve brand engagement, drive new revenue and deliver more meaningful digital experiences.

We help clients plan, execute, launch and market API-feed applications. Our work includes real-time, data-rich web applications and web-based software for a wide-range of industries. We also build robust, backend technologies to help enrich websites and web experiences.

Software quality testing and integration

We have studied about various Software developments lifecycle models. All the SDLC models have Integration testing as one of the layers. In my opinion, Integration testing is actually a “level” of testing rather than a “Type” of testing.Many a time we feel that Integration testing involves writing code snippets to test the integrated modules, so it is basically a white box testing technique. This is not fully wrong, but I feel the concept of Integration testing can be applied in Black box technique too.

Software quality testing and integration

Client own dedicated IT Development centre

Client own dedicated IT development center A client own dedicated IT development center is used as a method of Outsourcing projects. It works by giving owners more control over the work. It also saves money on overhead, management costs and enables a dedicated development team to work at a specific location. This method of organization is also called, “T&M” or Time and Material work mode.
When is Managed Outsourcing Best Implemented?
When the system requirements have been cleared.
When there exists a well-defined change control system.
When there are insufficient local management resources to hire dedicated team members at a specific location.When one wishes to gain an overall, rather than detailed, view of a team’s performance.
When one wishes to create direct ownership of said project.
When the overall priorities are considered from the top level rather than at each individual’s level.
When a large, complex project team is not necessary.
When dedicated resources for a project are derived from a fixed budget.
There are times when a manager can issue a top level priority order without being directly involved with the direct management aspects of the project itself. At SoftGroup, a project manager will be assigned to a given project, and that person sees to the details of the team based on upper level management’s directives. This frees upper level management to pursue other aspects of one’s business. This serves as the ideal business model for the upper level manager who wishes to hire dedicated team members without incurring additional overhead costs related to statutory requirements, training and other related issues.

Software Support

Software Support and Maintenance
Software support and maintenance go hand in hand for all businesses that utilize custom software solutions, all kinds of software products and software that is offered as a service As the needs of customers change, the need for software development and support grows also. SoftGroup has a software support team that is unsurpassed in offering the most knowledable support available anywhere. We work in unison with our clients to keep software systems running smoothly and free from errors.Software support and maintenance, while a non-core activity, is a crucial part of any business that uses computers in its operation. It is common for a business to have multitudes of applications and a wide variety of software products that help the company do business. It has been found that outsourcing IT maintenance and support can provide significant cost advantages to the discerning business. Other areas in which businesses can earn a competitive advantage by using outsourcing include development of new versions of software and completely new software products.

Software Re Engineering

Software Re Engineering

In a highly dynamic business environment, only firms that have capabilities and resources to constantly re-engineer themselves have a chance to survive. Business needs are changing, and re-engineering has become part of many firms’ daily realities. Firms are facing a difficult task to reinvent themselves while also reallocating their Software Re-engineering resources wisely. Only the use of the latest technologies can guarantee the success of these re-engineering decisions. It is high time for businesses to realize that even the simplest re-engineering process can readily result in considerable improvements to their operations and functions. If you are looking for an opportunity to develop better and closer relations with customers, technologies are the only way for you. With Software Re-Engineering, you will be able to constantly update your systems and meet changeable customer demands.

Software User Experience

If you want your company to be successful, then you must be sure that your products and services meet the most challenging customers’ demands.You must develop your products and services, by considering Software User Experience and adjusting your software design to make it more convenient for the target audience. Actually, your products and services should originate from the existing gaps in customer satisfaction and be driven by the need to close these gaps. However, as you are developing a new product to satisfy your customers, do not lose the tract of website use experience. It is by considering and analyzing website user experience that you can develop a product that really meets your clients’ needs.No matter the type of software product you are currently working on, it is imperative that it relies on user experience design. In most software products, the major emphasis is on how to make them work so that they satisfy clients. Project managers, software engineers, and users always seek the best website use experience, and only a product that serves your customers’ Software User Experience can become profitable, interesting, and popular among users. Unfortunately, not all businesses realize the importance of user interface design and even for the most advanced providers of quality software products, creating a software user interface design is the last thing to do.


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