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Important Google Analytics Metrics

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Google Analytics Metrics

Google Analytics Metrics- Your website is your first salesman. Your website needs to be able to convert the traffic they generates into leads, and convert those leads into paying customers. But initially we all need the traffic. So we all need to optimize our website and use some metrics so that our website is destined to attract an audience and then eventually holding and converting them into potential customers.

So to analyse your website traffic google offers free web analytics tool called “Google Analytics”. Google analytics not only keep track of number of visitors for your website but also track every interaction that user performs on your site.

Google Analytics enables you to improve your site based on your visitors’ actions. To get the most out of Google Analytics you’ll need an introduction to the most important metrics it provides. In this article, we’ll introduce eight critical metrics, explain why each is important, and show you how to set them up if necessary. Let’s get started!

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Acquisition Overview :-

Acquisition Overview:- The Acquisition reports provide insight into the source of traffic (how users find the website) and subsequent behavior. Basically, this displays where users come from, what they do on your site once they arrive and if they provide a conversion (filling out a form, making a purchase or completing a goal). So being said it helps to keep an eye on traffic sources- direct hits, organic search,referral, or social media.

Acquisition Overview

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Social Media Overview :-

Social Media Overview:- Social Overview enables you to measure what Google Analytics refers to as the ‘social relationships’, which is the impact of social media on your site. To do this, Google Analytics provides you with information about the networks where your content gets shared, your on-site user engagement, and the flow of users through your site. So accordingly one can set the goal as per social conversion.

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Bounce Rate :-

Bounce Rate :-   It represents the percentage of visitors who enter your site and then leave rather than continuing to view other pages. Rising bounce rate is a sure sign that your homepage is boring or off-putting. So in terms of that one should work firmly on content to attract and engage more traffic. 

Bounce Rate

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Traffic Source :-

Traffic Source:- Traffic source is a report that provides an overview of the different kinds of sources that send traffic to your Website, for example direct traffic (clicks from bookmarks or visitors who know your URL) or Web search engines. As your website grows, your list of traffic sources will expand – and keeping track of them all can become complicated. We recommend that you focus on tracking your performance across your top sources, and perhaps focus on a few under performers that you feel have great potential to see if you can improve them.

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Conversion :-

Conversion:- The key to maximizing conversion rates is to understand the audience, analyze the entire sales funnel and tailor marketing efforts accordingly. It is a strategy so you can make small tweaks that will improve your website’s results.The key to maximizing conversion rates is to understand the audience, analyze the entire sales funnel and tailor marketing efforts accordingly.

Behavior Flow :-

Behavior Flow:-  It visualizes the path a user follows from one page to the next or from one event to another. A path can be multiple page views or just a single page view during a session. Or you can say it keeps tracking of user’s site journey.

Exit Pages :-

Exit Pages:–  The opposite of a landing page, an exit page on Google Analytics refers to the last page a user accesses before their session ends or they leave the site. The Exit Pages section of Google Analytics therefore allows you to see which pages people most frequently end their sessions on or leave the site after viewing. A high exit rate suggests that a particular page is losing visitors and may be a good candidate for A/B Testing to keep users around for longer. Every user will exit at some point, but the better the overall experience, the longer they’ll stay.

Goals :-

Goals:– Determining objectives for a website is essential in justifying the need for a website in the first place.

Creating goals for these objectives in your analytics platform are likewise important for understanding the success of your marketing and advertising efforts toward meeting the overall site objectives. Having properly configured Google Analytics goals will give you the opportunity to truly understand your website audience – who they are, what they are doing, and whether they are converting toward your identified site objectives. Robust analytical data is what establishes campaign benchmarks and, most importantly, will help formulate your marketing strategy.

Google Analytics Metrics

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